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Our Mission & Objectives

Finvar is a technology company that helps the world generate more financial value from data. We do this by creating technological tools & infrastructure that improve information access, understanding, financial education & monetization. Examples of our products include data processing engines, automation tools, educational simulations and information marketplaces. Click below to learn more about Capnote, our first product.

Our Rationale

Finvar was founded by financial and technology professionals with 80+ years of combined experience across 4 continents. They realized that workforce technology needs to improve to deliver optimal financial performance. 

The ability of individuals and organizations to effectively process and use information is directly correlated to their financial performance.  With the world becoming increasingly digital, this trend is only set to strengthen. 

Significant Economic Impact

Increasing the productivity of information is key to both top and bottom line. For example, Accenture estimates $140 billion of gains and cost savings by 2025 in the North America financial services sector. 

These synergies come from using better workforce technology for automation and augmentation. Finvar aims to help individuals and organizations across the world tap into these benefits. 


Reducing Information Asymmetry

While the wealthiest have access to unlimited information and data processing bandwidth, the mass market remains underserved. This leads to significant information asymmetry, inequality and the improper functioning of the financial markets.  

Finvar’s products enhance access to information and data processing bandwidth for the underserved mass market. This also has benefits for fraud reduction, anti-money laundering and financial security. 

Financial Inclusion & Education

Access to information and a better understanding of financial value are key to driving financial inclusion. With greater education and understanding of data, individuals and organizations would be empowered to make more beneficial decisions and seek improved outcomes. 

Aligned With Industry Trends

Below is a sample of what the experts are saying.

Financial services companies in North America could unlock up to US$140 billion in productivity gains and cost savings, if they employ new technologies that help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their workforce.


IT Services & Consulting Company

Automation and artificial intelligence are poised to reshape the finance function. Knowing what to automate and managing the disruption can lead to a new era of productivity and performance.


Management Consulting Company

With advances in technology expected to deliver even greater levels of automation, treasurers will see more of their time freed up for added-value strategic work that provides valuable insights and analysis to C-suites.

The Global Treasurer

Leading Financial Professional Resource

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