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Advanced Platforms & Automations For Finance

Finvar creates technological products that financially empower underserved individuals and organizations.

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WHat we do & why

An Evolution In Financial Participation Is Urgently Needed

Finance and investing are faster and more complicated than ever before. The gap between the wealthy and the mass market continues to widen, exacerbated by information asymmetry and differences in access to education, capital and technology.  Legacy platforms have not evolved with the times and remain inaccessible to most.

Finvar helps by investigating underserved markets, creating technological solutions to widespread financial problems and delivering them in scalable business models that are easily accessed by all. 

Global Industry Partnerships

Finvar is a trusted partner to financial and technology leaders across the world seeking to make a difference.


Enhance Your Productivity, Save Time & Money with Capnote

Capnote is a modern productivity and intelligence platform for financial professionals. It uses patented technology to automate the uses of data such as generation of insights or automatic memo writing. This helps our individual and organization clients increases productivity, achieve more with less, save time, bridge gaps in expertise and improve decision-making. It is also an educational tool that supports financial training programs.

Aligned With Industry Trends

Below is a sample of what the experts are saying.

Financial services companies in North America could unlock up to US$140 billion in productivity gains and cost savings, if they employ new technologies that help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their workforce.
IT Services & Consulting Company
Automation and artificial intelligence are poised to reshape the finance function. Knowing what to automate and managing the disruption can lead to a new era of productivity and performance.
Management Consulting Company
With advances in technology expected to deliver even greater levels of automation, treasurers will see more of their time freed up for added-value strategic work that provides valuable insights and analysis to C-suites.
The Global Treasurer
Leading Financial Professional Resource

Increase Your Financial Productivity

Get started with Capnote and join a growing community with thousands of financial professionals and investors from all over the world.