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Inside Capnote – Finvar’s First Product

What Is Capnote?

Capnote is a modern productivity platform created by financial professionals for financial professionals. It uses patented technology, machine learning and A.I to automate data processing and generate financial insights. In addition to this core function, Capnote also enhances financial education, supports the monetization of users’ content and expertise and has social networking features.

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Key Benefits Of Capnote

Accenture estimates that the financial services industry could generate over $140 billion in productivity gains in by using modern technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their workforce.

Capnote aims to help underserved financial professionals and organizations realize these productivity gains by:

  • Saving time and enhancing productivity through automation
  • Bridging gaps in expertise and knowledge
  • Reducing information asymmetry and generating insights
  • Deepening professional networks and collaborating more effectively with internal or external stakeholders
  • Digitizing and monetizing content and expertise

There is greater interconnectedness in modern finance. Seemingly unconnected events can have material implications. As such, increasing amounts of data needs to be considered for optimal and proactive decision-making. Doing this is too resource intensive without the help of technology. It is clear that many organizations and individuals need help.

Who Are Capnote’s Typical Customers?

Capnote is available to Organizations (B2B), Individuals (B2C) and Academic Institutions (Education)

Organizations can utilize a separate and customizable enterprise instance of Capnote with an annual subscription. Access would be exclusively given to approved members of their organization or their clients. Typical enterprise customers include Wealth Management & Advisory Firms, Banks, Consulting Firms, Asset Managers

Individuals can join the Capnote community and use our public platform on a free and premium basis. Typical users of Capnote include Financial Professionals, Investors, Students, Researchers, Trainers and more. Our belief is that everyone should have access to tools that can help change their financial outcomes.

Academic institutions can use Capnote as an educational aid. This can either be done on a public basis by subscribing to our cloud-based data portal or on a private basis with the ability to make customizations. With significant historical and current data sets, students can easily run simulations and take a stab at portfolio ownership without risking capital. Our automated memos and analysis will also show them real life considerations that they can learn from.

What Social Impact Does Capnote Have?

Capnote has been created to reduce the wealth disparities across underserved communities by democratizing access to financial information, education & productivity. The majority of financial professionals and investors do not have access to the tools and advanced technologies they need for optimal performance. This impacts the quality of advice and services given to clients, causing sub-optimal outcomes and further perpetuating wealth disparities.

The wealthiest 5% of organizations and investors spend unlimited budgets on custom technology, data and research that enhance their performance. They can afford to hire industry specialists and consultants to provide support for decision-making. On the other hand, the remaining 95% or organizations and individuals in the mass market do not have unlimited budgets and are underserved by existing options. Legacy platforms are expensive, outdated and unable to meet their needs.

In addition, many students and academic institutions around the world, especially in the emerging markets, have not seen or used an advanced financial platform during their course of study. This places them at a disadvantage when they become financial professionals in the future when compared to students from wealthier background.

Capnote has been designed and developed to solve these problems and more. With free and premium access available for individuals, all financial professionals, investors and students can access beneficial technology and information. Capnote is being developed in conjunction with the industry and a number of senior executives in banks, family offices, wealth management and consulting firms, who would like to help underserved communities further equalize the playing field.

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